Big Data Advertising

By strategically evaluating the data about your website visitors, we enable your company to generate the best sales. Thanks to advertisements based on big data analysis, you do not just address a large number of random people, but precisely target the people who are actually interested in your products or services. This minimises the scatter loss while maximising the number of new customers and sales.

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Customer Target
Taurus Data

While anyone can collect data,

using it profitably is way more challenging.

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Know your Customer

Thanks to big data, we learn:

  • Who visits your website?

  • What products are users interested in?

  • What phase of the sales cycle is the user in?

  • What price is the customer willing to pay?

  • Where is the user geographically?

We can then use the advertisement that perfectly fits to the interested person – and thus turn the prospect into a loyal customer.

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Further opportunities thanks to big data:

With the specific use of big data, you are always one step ahead of your competitors!

  • Measure & analyse the performance

  • Predict industry trends

  • Custom-fit advertisements

  • Better insight into business processes

  • Solid decision making

  • Fundamentals for process automation

  • Optimised price determination

  • High conversion rate

  • High turnover

  • Minimised customer acquisition costs

  • Stronger customer loyalty

  • Continuous adjustments of advertisements

  • Minimised scatter loss

Taurus Data

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